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Sober Vibes Podcast

Jul 2, 2020

Episode 19: Livin on the El-Edge: Uncertain Times

In this episode on Livin on the El-Edge, a show within a show the sisters(Courtney Andersen and Kimberly Elledge) chat about uncertain times and how they are handling whats going on in the world today.

They share openly about ways they are coping and how you can help...

Jun 25, 2020

Episode 18: CBD and Essential Oils Education with Michele Finn

In this episode of the Sober Vibes Podcast, Courtney Andersen talks with CBD expert Michele Fin.

Michele Finn is the founder of Jubilee of Wellness, an independent line of CBD & Essential Oils. Michele launched Jubilee to share the holistic caregiving skills...

Jun 18, 2020

Episode 17: Recovery Burnout

In this episode, Courtney Andersen chats about Recovery Burnout!  Are you currently resenting all things recovery and sobriety?  If so, it's ok!

She discusses on how you don't need to be listening, reading, going to all the things ALL the time.  

Give yourself a break, you will still be...

Jun 11, 2020

Episode 16-Livin on the El-Edge: The 13th Step

In the episode of Livin on the El-Edge, the sisters talk about another step in AA called the 13th step.

Kim and Courtney shed light on this topic to expose the predators taking advantage of newly sober people in the program Alcoholics Anonymous.

The ladies are not bashing...

May 28, 2020

Episode 15: Codependency with Stephanie Curtis

In this episode of the Sober Vibes podcast, Courtney Andersen chats with Stephanie Curtis about Codependency and being married to an alcoholic.

Stephanie shares her truth about living with an alcoholic and the abuse she suffered through her marriage.  Her story...