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Sober Vibes Podcast

Mar 25, 2021

Episode 47: Overcoming Alcohol Cravings

It's solo dolo week; Courtney Andersen discusses how to overcome alcohol cravings.  She shares her number one tip on what she did to overcome the cravings.  It's one she has used to help her in her eight years of Sobriety.

Enjoy this episode, and thank you for tuning in!


Mar 18, 2021

Livin on the EL-EDGE: Breaking through Sobriety Burnout

The Elledge sisters are back and ready for Livin on the E-EDGE season two, a show within a show.

Kimberly Elledge and Courtney Andersen discuss Sobriety burnout and how to break through it if you have hit a wall.  

Kimberly and Courtney hope you enjoy today's...

Mar 11, 2021

Episode 45: Sober is Dope with Pop Buchanan

In this episode of the Sober Vibes podcast, Courtney Andersen talks with Pop Buchanan about his own recovery. Pop shares his tips for feeling better holistically in your recovery and shares a lot of insight about Dopamine.  

Pop battled with alcohol addiction from the age of...

Mar 4, 2021

Episode 44: It's ok if you haven't "hit" all the goals of the New Year

Welcome to Season two of the Sober Vibes podcast! In today's episode, I chat about how it's ok if you haven't accomplished ALL of the goals you set out to for 2021, even if you have fallen off the wagon and have hit a bump in the road with your...