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Sober Vibes Podcast

Oct 8, 2020

Episode 33: Coming out in Sobriety with Mark Turnipseed

In today's Sober Vibes podcast episode, Courtney Andersen sits down with Mark Turnipseed to discuss how he overcame his addictions and how he came out in Sobriety and Recovery.

Mark Turnipseed is the CEO of Integrity Endurance, a unified network of personal trainers and health coaches dedicated to fighting addiction with health and wellness.

But, he’s had to come a long way to get there.

Mark began taking the stage as a victor from a past of trials and tragedy. Over-dose and suicide attempt life nearly ended life for Mark Turnipseed, and then he decided to grab what was left by the horns and ride it out for all that bull was worth.

Sadly, not everyone survives the perils of heroin addiction, childhood trauma, or sexual identity issues. But, Mark decided to give his story up, bare all, and send it out to the masses because he did survive.

This is when the now internationally recognized blog, Trials to Triathlon, was born.

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